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Start a Membership Site Today – No Membership Script Required

July 11th, 2009 · No Comments · Membership Site

Do you want to start a membership site but you’re put off the idea because of the complications you think you’ll come up against with membership scripts?

You may have some information which could help others to achieve more in their own lives, and want to pass this on in the way of a membership course. Setting up a membership site is a great way of doing this as you can structure your information in bite sized lessons to make it easier for the member to grasp.

Going back to the question above, you’ll be delighted to know that there an alternative. You can actually set up one easily without these scripts.

First, let me tell you about the benefits of doing this …

1 – Time

You will be able to save a great deal of time, not only setting it up but also running it each and every week or month. With the time you will have saved, this could be spent creating more content for you membership site.

With membership sites which are created with scripts, it is generally expected by the subscribers that it will be updated on a frequent basis, such as three or four times a week. This can be very time consuming, especially if you have more than one membership site.

Also, bearing in mind that the content should be as unique and highly relevant to the subscribers membership needs as possible, it would be very difficult to maintain a constant supply of such unique content.

2 – Cost

You would not have to pay for the cost of the membership script and all the add-ons required so that it would run smoothly. Nor would you have to pay to have someone install the script for you, if this was outside of your experience. Plus, if you did have to pay someone to install it for you, then you would also have to pay them, as and when you wanted changes made to the membership site.

I have also found through my research that you can get membership software and pay for this on a monthly basis but, in one case alone, at $79 a month for the standard version and $129 a month for the deluxe version, consider how much you would be saving over a year by creating a membership site without a membership script!

3 – Simplicity

The task of running the member site without the script is much less of a burden to you entirely because of the simple way that each weekly or monthly issue is created. All you would need, would be an autoresponder to send out your unique content once a week or once a month, whichever your decided.

Obviously, to be successful in running a membership site this way, you need to know

  1. how to keep your subscribers,
  2. how to protect your content,
  3. how to ensure that payments are secure
  4. how to ensure your subscribers want to remain in your membership
  5. how to drive traffic to your membership site plus many other issues related to running your own successful membership site.

All of these questions and any others you may have on how to start a membership site without a membership site script can be found by clicking this link now … FREE MEMBERSHIP SITE where you will find information on the easy way to set up an online membership site and without using a membership script.

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