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Niche Marketing – Part 2b – Keyword Research

January 25th, 2012 · No Comments · Web Business - Online Marketing Course

Carrying on with niche marketing and now that you have had the time to watch the video on keyword research, in part 2a of niche marketing, we can move on to more about the competition of your keywords.


Firstly, have you considered what categories you will have in your niche.  Look at the categories on this blog to get an idea of how you could breakdown the information you want to talk about on your site.

How many  categories will it have?

Finding a list of say 20 good keywords related to your niche is all you need to do right now. When I say keywords, I definitely don’t mean a one word keyword, your keywords must have at least two words in the phrase.

Lets’s consider you are in the garden niche.  You would have …

  • Garden – almost impossible to rank on page 1 of Google for now
  • Rose garden – that could also be difficult depending on the competition
  • Garden design ideas – this would be a possible keyword to get to page 1, depending on the work that you put in.

You can build on your list of keywords later on.  Of course, that is assuming that you want to build a long term authority type website. The more content you have on your site, the longer people will stay there and the more likely you are to earn money from it.

Remember you are looking for keywords with a good amount of search and not a lot of competition.

In the image below, which was taken from the Google Keyword Tool, note that I selected “Niche Marketing” in phrase match … and what a fantastic keyword that is with 22,000 searches a month and low competition.  Actually it was a complete surprise :).  I hope you find some excellent keywords like that in phrase match, for your niche too.

Niche Marketing

Niche Marketing - Keyword Competition


When I hit the Competition option, it went from High Competition to Low Competion, just look at the High?  It is a great example of what amazing keywords you can find.  To be honest, that was just good luck because on the whole, I would be delighted with 700 + keywords in phrase match with low competition.

Your task now is to find the best keyword you can with the lowest competition for your future web business. This part of building your online web business is crucial.  It is the foundations to your online success.  Believe me, it can be hard but also addictive, trying to find the right keywords.  It will probably take you quite a while to find good niche marketing keywords in the various categories that you choose to have on your site.

http://www.ez4u2gowebbusiness.com/web-business-online-marketing-course.html – Part 1

http://www.ez4u2gowebbusiness.com/niche-marketing-part-2a-online-marketing-course.html  – Part 2

Niche Marketing – Part 2c will take your through competitive analysis and using two free tools.


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