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Niche Marketing – Part 2a – Online Marketing Course

January 25th, 2012 · No Comments · Web Business - Online Marketing Course

Niche marketing is the second part in the Web Business Online Marketing Course.  If you have not seen the first part of course, either click the link above or read this, Part 2a and then click the link at the bottom.

First question may be:

What do we mean by niche marketing anyway?

Depending on what country you come from, niche marketing may not be a familiar phrase.  The definition of nich marketing is a subset of a larger marker.  Note the following examples.

Niche – Garden   and  Subset – Gardening Tools

Golf – Golfing Clubs

Fashion – Mens Fashion

Yoga –  Yoga Retreats

For you, you have to find your own niche, taking into account that you will be working on your niche for a long time so therefore it is best that you choose a niche that you enjoy.  Believe me, it’s painful having to create content for a niche that you have no interest in.  It will be a total waste of time because you will probably get so far and then not bother anymore.  (I sound like the voice of experience :)  )

Your niche could be a passion you have, such as a hobby.  It could be something to do with your family, such as bringing up children or cooking.  If you can’t think of a niche, then look at magazines to see what interests you.  You could also go to Amazon and look at all the products to see if there is anything you would like to create a website around.  Another place is eBay.

In Part 1 of this course, you created an account at Clickbank.  That is another place that you will find interesting topics to write about.  Look at the tab for Marketplace, click that and then look at all the categories on the left hand side.  Spend some time browsing.  I’m sure you will be quite surprised at what people are marketing.

Once you have decided on your niche, the next and most important  step of your online marketing success are the keywords that you use for your content.  If you get this wrong, you will be putting in a lot of work for nothing.

The first thing you want to do is to log into your Google email account.

Then go to  the Google keyword tool and select login there.


When I first started working online, I was given a lot of false information and I notice that still some people are passing the wrong information on.  Anyway, for you, I found a great video which explains the functions of this tool.  There is no way I could have explained it better.

There are three types of phrase to select from.

  • Broad match … don’t even bother with that.  If you conventrated on those metrics, that would be your downfall.  However Google does default to broad match, so make sure you turn it to Phrase match, at least.
  • Phrase match … this is is great for giving you ideas for keywords and much better to use  for targetting visitors to your site.
  • Exact match… is worth while comparing with Phrase and also great for domain names.

In the meanwhile, please watch the following video . Your goal is to find as many keywords related to your niche with as low competition as possible.  Your keyword research is about to begin … :)

If you want to search for more than one keyword at a time, make sure you list them in a row.

niche marketing

Niche marketing

Rather than let this post go on, I have decided to spit it into two and to be honest I have an image which I could not get into the post, so we will carry on with Part 2b.  In the meantime for Part 1, click  Niche Marketing and  also just to remind you part 2b will go further into keyword research.

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