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Toshiba Satellite Major Disaster Survival Story

January 18th, 2012 · No Comments · Free Stuff

My Toshiba Satellite nightmare happened approximately four years ago.  Since then, this website also crashed and a lot of my content was lost.   But for the cache pages, I would not be able to bring this particular piece of content back to life.  It’s easier to back up your website contents with various plugins today but either way, in case you missed this true story before … it’s back :)

The Original Toshiba Satellite Major Crash …

and bear in mind that the following was written approximately four years ago!

“Over the last three years I have enjoyed working on my Toshiba Satellite laptop. Since I purchased it, I’ve created many websites and written eBooks on it. Not once has it let me down. It has given me 100% satisfaction since the first day I unpacked it.

But, can you imagine how I felt when I heard the crash? Well, I was completely horrified. All my work, all my programs, my laptop, which I had grown so accustomed to.  Was that the end of my Toshiba Satellite laptop?

Toshiba Satellite Survives Major Crash

Toshiba Satellite Survives Major Crash

I have always loved my laptop for the freedom it gave me while working. You could often find me, with it, working in the kitchen, in the garden, sitting with it at an airport while waiting to board a flight, even in the car while enjoying the tranquillity of the sound of the waves by the seashore, writing articles.

It had travelled with me to Canada, as I worked and kayaked my holiday days away.  Then it travelled to Manhattan enroute to Atlanta to meet a very special internet marketer, non other than our Mr. Willie Crawford plus many more amazing people.

But on the day of the crash , all I wanted to do was to work and rest on my bed at the same time.

I had put the open laptop on the bedside table and plugged the extension into the back of the laptop. Then I took the plug end of the lead and put it into the wall socket on the opposite side of the bed. Next I decided that it would be best to put the cord behind the pillows, so gave the cord a tug, completely forgetting that it was attached to the laptop.

Can you imagine what happened next?

The crashing noise of the laptop falling fully opened onto the hard ceramic tiled floor (the usual flooring in a Spanish home) was unspeakable.

I rushed to the other side of the bed and was horrified, saddened, shocked and mortified, all at once, just seeing my beautiful Toshiba Satellite laptop lying fully opened, screen face down, on the hard floor.

Many thoughts flashed through my mind. Had I backed up the data recently?

Yes, thankfully I had backed it up a few days before onto my portable harddrive.

Was I still insured? No, unfortunately the insurance had lapsed and I would have to rush out and buy another one as quickly as possible.  What a waste of money that would be.  I was working on updating my debts-challenge eBook on
Turn Your Debts Into A Fantastic New Life, as well!  (I hasten to add that the book has to be revisited and brought up to date.  Something else for the neverending ‘To Do’ list.)

As these thoughts were flooding through my mind as I carefully picked up the laptop off the floor.

It felt stiff.

The screen was loose.

The frame around the screen had separated.

The screen felt limp.

My immediate thought was that it was completely wrecked.

With my thumb and index finger I squeezed the frame back into place. I gently eased the screen back to its original location and then moved the cursor on the screen.

To my amazement, it worked!

My next step was to close down all the applications, which I had opened and close the laptop completely to check the damage. It was then that I noted that it was stiffer to close but, nevertheless, it did close. After a few minutes I opened it again and logged on.

I could not believe it! It worked perfectly.

Would I buy a Toshiba Satellite laptop again? The answer has to be, absolutely, and without any hesitation whatsoever. All I can say is a big thank you toToshiba for creating a fantastic product and one which survived such a major crash.”

That was a true story.  :)

Tell me, have you ever suffered a major crash with your laptop or computer?

Would I recommend Toshiba Satellite laptops?  Absolutely and with 100% conviction, which remind me,   :)  did I mention that you can get fabulous Toshiba Satellites at great prices at Amazon?


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